59° 56´ 22´´ N, 10° 27´ 46´´ E


Min. certification:                PP3/SP3
Max. altitude (TMA):          914 m.a.s.l.
Take off altitude:                 315 m.a.s.l. (170 m top-to-bottom).
Orientation:                         SSE-SV
Note: The shallow slope and steep cliff edge requires good wing control and adequate running speed. Be prepared for a strong vertical drag when you pull up the wing in high winds. Be careful when you lay out the wing on the rocks in the rear part of the take-off. The lines might tangle and break when you pull up the wing.
This is a popular flying site. Pay attention and be aware of the traffic rules.
Airspace boxes:                    None above take off (see map below).
Radio frequency HP/NLF:   154.175 MHz


Landing: There are two possible landing fields, see the photo below.
If you use the landing field straight in front, keep as close to the small road as possible in the growing season. Be aware of the power line that crosses in front of the landing field to the left. Expect some turbulence in the landing area in high winds.
Parking: Don’t block the narrow road (Busoppveien) with parked cars.



Solfjellstua landing

Solfjellstua TMA

Solfjellstua TMA